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KOLLEGIUM was founded by Logistic Ecspert Groupe in 1999. Experience and qualification of our staff gives us opportunity to provide a high-quality consulting services in the field of Storage and Logistics. Our Company, possessing more than 10-year logistic experience, willingly shares its planning and consulting knowledge with your Clients.

Solution is as a result of cooperation between Logisticians and Client Executives.
Our motto: “Credo Experto”- “Rely on Experience”

Our competence:
- Material-flow development and application within logistic area
- We organize personnel selection, vocational training, professional suitability expertise for administrative and technical staff

Our purposes:
- Assistance in the development of effective logistic systems in Russia
- Today we strive for the leading positions in the consulting market

Our strategy:
We offer special services, essentially different from the ones represented in the market

Our strategic aims:
- Professional development of every employee
- Application of effective advertisement methods
- Top management negotiations and projects execution securing

Principles of our work:
- Long-term partnership, making “KOLLEGIUM” competitive in the market
- Interests of our clients, employees and partners are our interests
- High-quality service, meeting requirements and expectations of our clients, is our supreme principle
- Business of the company is based on mutual confidence and respect to our clients, employees and partners
- Partnership and support
- We respect our competitors
- Decency, honesty, professionalism
- Personal responsibility for the quality of work
- Continuous professional development
- Order
- Achievement of stated aims

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